How Much Does A Honda Civic Weigh?

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Honda Civic is not the heaviest car on the market. But it is not exactly light, either, which is why some Civic drivers are worried the excess load might impact their steering and control management. 

To see whether such concerns are valid, my blog post will delve into the Civic weight in detail.

How Heavy Is A Honda Civic

Honda Civic curb weight ranges from 2403 to 3077 lbs. The engine setups and chosen trims will determine the exact pounds. For instance, the 2022 model can either weigh 3077 lbs (Touring trim, 1.5 L engine) or 2877 pounds (LX trim, 2.0L engine).

Honda Civic Weigh

The 2022 models arrive with two options for engine sizes/setups as below:

  • 4-cylinder 20.0 engine, whose maximum power is 138 lb-ft torque and 58 horsepower
  • 4-cylinder 1.5L turbocharged engine that puts out 177 lb-ft torque and 180 horsepower

And each engine is compatible with two different trims, hence the variations in the total weight:

  • LX (for 2.0L engine): 2877 pounds
  • Sport (for 2.0L engine): 2935 pounds
  • EX (for 1.5L engine): 3004 pounds
  • Touring (for 1.5L engine): 3077 pounds

The same numbers of trim options and engines are available for pre-2022 popular models as well, though the weight range is not exactly the same due to differences in features and designs:

  • 2021 Civic: 2771 – 3012 lbs
  • 2010 Civic: 2588 – 2969 lbs
  • 2007: 2586 – 2945 lbs
  • 2000: 2339 – 2612 lbs

Regarding the curb weight Honda Civic (only the standard components are included, no additional features/modifications, or cargo capacity), the full chart for accurate measurements throughout the years is as below:

YearTrim(Specification Labels)EngineActual Weight (Imp.)
2023EXL1.5L I43,053 lbs.
2022EXL1.5L I43,053 lbs.
2021EX1.5L I42,955 lbs.
2020EX1.5L I42,897 lbs.
2019EX1.5L I42,897 lbs.
2018EXL1.5L I42,900 lbs.
2017EXL1.5L I42,900 lbs.
2016EXL1.5L I42,900 lbs.
2015EX1.8L I42,805 lbs.
2014EX1.8L I42,916 lbs.
2013Cpe EX1.8L I42,837 lbs.
2012Cpe DX1.8L I42,716 lbs.
2011Cpe DX1.8L I42,588 lbs.
2010Cpe DX1.8L I42,588 lbs.
2009Cpe DX1.8L I42,588 lbs.
2008Cpe DX1.8L I42,586 lbs.
2007Cpe DX1.8L I42,586 lbs.
2006Cpe DX1.8L I42,593 lbs.
2005Cpe EX1.7L I42,598 lbs.
2004DX Value1.7L I42,456 lbs.
2003DX1.7L I42,403 lbs.
2002DX1.7L I42,405 lbs.

How Does The Honda Civic Weight Affect Its Efficiency? 

Honda Civic Performance

The lighter it is, the better its economy gets. As per EPA studies, every 100 lbs removed from the car equals a 1-2% increase in fuel efficiency, which translates to $0.03 to $0.05 savings per gallon.

Furthermore, the lightest Honda Civic models also enjoy better handling capabilities, braking functions, and acceleration. And that is to be expected – since the engine load has been cut off and hence, no longer holds off the braking response. You will also likely experience improved agility and maneuverability.

And on another note, with less component/tire wear, the car will need much less maintenance than before. Its lifespan, therefore, will be extended way beyond the manufacturer’s prediction.

How to Reduce Honda Civic Weight? 

If possible, try to use lighter flywheels, tires, and clutches to limit the rotational weight. Remove/ reduce the loads of the Civic mirrors, doors, bucket seats, and trunks, and replace the master cylinders and fasteners with lighter versions.


Does Car Weight Impact Stop Distance? 

Obviously yes. Heavy vehicles must work extra hard to stop the car, especially the shock absorbers, springs, tires, and brakes. Overloaded cars, as a result, might be unsafe to the point of causing accidents.

However, too-light cars do not always mean easier braking, either; the vehicle has significantly much less traction in those cases, posing skidding risks.

How Much Cargo Can A Honda Civic Carry?

The car can carry up to 850 lbs, but you should only let it reach this limit as a last resort.


Although reducing the Civic’s weight is highly recommended for better performance, always remember to keep the car’s quality in check. If you have to swap your current car parts for substandard versions just to lower the vehicle weight rating, then the upgrade is not nearly worth it.

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