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“We like the idea that one could bring his/her favorite car upstairs and use it indoors for a different function and sit and sleep on it. It was meant to be in leather but since it’s somehow a couture dress and needed every complex pattern to fit, it took us so long to try this first. But you should imagine it in a beige natural leather that ages and tans with time.”

London Richard James
London – Richard James
Tokyo - Visvim
Tokyo – Visvim
Paris - Maison Martin Margiela
Paris – Maison Martin Margiela

Intersection is about experimenting with the way we experience cars as a part of the wardrobe of our fast paced and far ranging lives. For years we’ve tried to bring together creative fellow travelers who see automobiles as more than an excuse to honk their way through cities, graffiti asphalt with spent rubber and show up the neighbors every other year. Who see them as a reflection of the human race.

How better to humanize a car than to dress it? Scandalized by a century of naked cars brazenly parked in the buff on the world’s streets, we’ve long admired the modesty, care and tailored elegance of car covers. Nothing says you love your car more than wrapping it up to protect it from the elements. And nothing brings you closer to appreciating its contours, crannies and unique silhouette than a couture cloak. Sometimes it’s what you conceal that’s most alluring.

Sydney - Ksubi
Sydney – Ksubi
Berlin - Bless
Berlin – Bless
NYC Adam Kimmel
NYC Adam Kimmel

The fashion designers we asked to join this project are all known for their conceptual yet sensual, witty approach. Each nominally represents the city they’re based in, but all are interdisciplinary cosmopolitans, explorers who revel in the transgressive possibilities of betraying genre distinctions and blurring national limits.

We hoped they’d produce an inverted portrait of fashion, and the results reflect in each case not only their distinctive ethos and honed craft, but also the easy marriage of fashion and other forms of design, and their infinite potential to birth something new and unexpected. They took as their model the beautiful Brera, a well-traveled Italian – she comes from Alfa Romeo, Torino, originally but her new career in fashion takes her now from New York to London, Tokyo to Sydney, Paris to Berlin, and finally back to Milan in time for the furniture fair in April.