How Much Does a Honda Accord Curb Weigh?

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When it comes to the Honda Accord, there’s more to its weight than meets the eye. Did you know that its weight has a significant impact on its fuel efficiency, safety features, and overall performance? Let’s uncover the secrets behind the curb weight Honda Accord and its implications for your driving experience!

How Heavy Is A Honda Accord?

The weight of Honda Accords varies based on the specific model year, trim level, and optional features. For example, 2023 models weigh from 3,239-3,532 pounds. Different engine type options, additional equipment, and upgraded packages may also impact the overall weight. 

Continue to scroll down for the entire year-by-year breakdown from 2016-2023 of the Honda Motor Company’s separate models.

2023 Models

TrimCurb Weight
LX3,239 pounds
EX3,280 pounds
Sport3,477 pounds
EXL3,468 pounds
Sport-L3,488 pounds
Touring3,532 pounds

2022 Models

TrimCurb Weight
EXL3,388 pounds
Base3,326 pounds
Sport3,375 pounds
Touring3,446 pounds
EXL 1.5T3,221 pounds
LX 1.5T3,150 pounds
Sport 1.5T3,223 pounds
Sport 2.0T3,380 pounds
Sport SE 1.5T3,230 pounds
Touring 2.0T3,430 pounds

2021 Models

TrimCurb Weight
EX3,375 pounds
EXL 2.03,325 – 3,388 pounds
Touring3,446 pounds
EXL 1.53,221 pounds
LX3,150 pounds
Sport 1.53,223 pounds
Sport 2.03,380 pounds
Sport Special Edition3,230 pounds
Touring 2.03,430 pounds

2020 Models

TrimCurb Weight
EX3,373 pounds
EXL3,386 pounds
Touring3,315 pounds
EX 1.5T3,199 pounds
EXL 1.5T3,217 pounds
EXL 2.0T3,362 pounds
LX 1.5T3,131 pounds
Sport 1.5T3,115 pounds
Sport 2.0T3,298 pounds
Touring 2.0T3,428 pounds

2019 Models

TrimCurb Weight
EX3,373 pounds
EXL3,386 pounds
Touring3,315 pounds
EX 1.5T3,199 pounds
EXL 1.5T3,217 pounds
EXL 2.0T3,362 pounds
LX 1.5T3,131 pounds
Sport 1.5T3,208 pounds
Sport 2.0T3,377 pounds
Touring 2.0T3,428 pounds

2018 Models

TrimCurb Weight
EX3,377 pounds
EXL3,400 pounds
EXL Navigation3,400 pounds
Touring3,428 pounds
EXL 2.03,362 pounds
EXL Navigation 1.53,219 pounds
EXL Navigation 2.03,364 pounds
LX3,131 pounds
Sport 1.53,155 pounds
Sport 2.03,298 pounds
Touring 1.53,294 pounds
Touring 2.03,428 pounds

2017 Models

TrimCurb Weight
EX3,267 pounds
EX Sense3,336 pounds
EXL Navigation3,344 pounds
LX3,179 pounds
LX Sense3,248 pounds
Touring3,554 pounds

2016 Models

TrimCurb Weight
EX3,336 pounds
EX Sense3,336 pounds
EXL3,344 pounds
EXL Navigation3,344 pounds
LX3,248 pounds
LX Sense3,248 pounds
Touring3,554 pounds

What Honda Accord Weight Tells You About Your Vehicle

Honda Accord Performence

Fuel Efficiency

The weight of a car plays a significant role in determining its fuel consumption. In the case of the Honda Accord Plug-In Hybrid, its weight affects its gas mileage. Although the fuel tank capacity is quite large, the lightweight construction allows it to achieve impressive fuel efficiency numbers

This makes the auto an economical choice for both city driving and long highway trips. With a lighter body, the all-new Honda Accord requires less energy to propel itself forward, resulting in improved fuel economy and reduced carbon emissions.

When I first bought my first 2018 Honda Accord Touring with the 4-cylinder engine, I didn’t pay much attention to the vehicle’s overall weight. I thought this figure wasn’t very important. Not until my wife brought home a 2022 Honda Accord LX 1.5T did I realize that her car had a longer refilling interval, though both are equipped with the same size of fuel tank (14.8 gal).


Safety is a paramount concern for most car buyers, and the weight of a vehicle can have a direct impact on its safety features and performance in crash tests. The Honda Accord’s weight is carefully balanced to enhance its safety features.

The vehicle’s sturdy construction and carefully engineered design help it excel in crash tests, providing a secure and protective environment for passengers. The weight also contributes to its stability and handling, making it less prone to rollovers and enhancing its overall safety rating.


The weight of a car affects not only its fuel efficiency and safety but also its performance on the road. Its weight distribution is meticulously calibrated to optimize its handling and performance capabilities.

A lighter body allows for more precise control, improved maneuverability, and a nimble driving experience. Whether navigating through tight city streets or cruising on winding country roads, the Accord 4-cylinder model’s weight plays a crucial role in its ability to deliver a responsive and enjoyable driving experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does A 2017 Honda Accord Weight In Kg?

As a general guideline, the 2017 Honda Accord 4dr Sedan with 2.0-liter engine typically weighs between 1,500 and 1,600 kilograms (3,307 to 3,527 pounds). This weight range includes the base model and various trim levels, such as the Touring, LX, EX, and EX-L.

What Are The Other Dimensions Of The Honda Accord?

The length of a Honda Accord is roughly 4,890 mm, the width is around 1,850 mm, and the height is about 1,465 mm. Meanwhile, the wheelbase measures roughly 2,775 mm, and the ground clearance is approximately 140 mm.

Is 1500 Kg Heavy For A Car?

1500 kg is considered to be within a normal range for a car from Honda Motor Co. However, what may be regarded as heavy or light can be subjective depending on the context. 

For example, the use of lightweight materials to prioritize fuel economy and performance will make a car lighter. Meanwhile, larger vehicles tend to have higher weight ranges.

The Bottom Line

Now you get why the weight of a Honda Accord is far from a mere number. It is a crucial factor influencing fuel efficiency, safety, and performance. Understanding the implications of weight allows us to appreciate the careful engineering that goes into creating a well-rounded and exceptional auto like the Honda Accord.

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